Freshwater Pearls Rice Shape White 2-3mm

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Freshwater pearls are the jewels of our Earth's water systems. No two pearls are alike. Freshwater pearls come in many colors, mainly white, ivories, and you can find tints of blue, purple, pink and more. This collection is a classic white, in several shapes including semi round, fancy, potato and rice in several sizes; 2-3mm, 6 û 6.5mm, 8-9mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 10-12mm. The strand length vary from 7 to 8 inches depending on style. Pearls are this springs most popular accessory.

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      • Product SKU: 27602241-01
      • UPC #: 665772157484
      • Sold in packages of: Header
      • Sold in multiples of:3
      • Main Color: Whites
      • Color: WHITE
      • Material:
        • Semi-Precious
        • Freshwater
      • Shape:
        • Oval
      • Size: 2-3mm
      • Brand: Earth's Jewels Freshwater Pearls
      • Finished Jewelry: No
      • Pack Type: 3X1 Header
      • Retail Ready: Yes